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Top 5 Skin Care Skills new mothers must Master!

Top 5 Skin Care Skills new mothers must Master!

The newborn in the first 30 days after birth, the skin will more or less appear some minor problems, such as a little red spot here, a little peeling there, when the nurse is always a little worried.
In fact, most of these are temporary physiological changes, scientific care, the baby will be safe.

1. Physical peeling

After newborn is born, often appear the skin of ankle, sole and wrist is dry and coarse, appear thereby desquamate phenomenon.

This is because the cuticle at the top of the baby's skin is too thin, and the connection between the epidermis and dermis is not tight, so the peeling occurs.

It is usually most severe on day 8 and then gradually decreases.

Nursing methods:

Don't wash the baby too warm.

Don't overuse baby soap or other cleaning products.

Do not rub scurf forcibly with towel or hand, let its fall off naturally, in case cause skin damage and form infection, even septicemia.

If you want to moisturize the top layer of skin, use a safe, gentle moisturizer under your doctor's guidance.

2. Acne in newborns

There are a lot of babies that have acne on their faces. It's actually acne in the newborn, which is very common, more boys than girls, and it's caused by hormones in the mother's blood.

It mainly occurs in the cheek, forehead and chin, mainly papules and pustules, which usually subside within a few weeks.

Nursing methods:

Pregnant women who avoid the abuse of hormone drugs during pregnancy, usually have severe "neonatal acne" in infancy, but may also have more severe acne when they grow up and enter adolescence.
The rash usually clears up automatically after a few months.

Don't scrub with breast milk, don't squeeze with your hands, and don't apply hormone ointments.
If the symptoms are serious, please ask the doctor to use antibacterial treatment in time, so as not to damage the facial skin.

3. Green

Some newborns have blue-green spots on their backs and buttocks, which are caused by special pigmentation cells.

Commonly known as green mark or viviparous green mole.

Most of them subside at 2 ~ 3 years old, and some of them subside naturally at 7 ~ 8 years old.

4. Chestnut kernel rash
Often appear on the nose wing, tip of the nose, or on both sides of the face, yellow and white dots.

This is called chestnut rash, which is caused by the high secretion of sebaceous glands caused by the mother's androgen.

Nursing style:

Avoid by all means to squeeze with the hand, to avoid local infection, generally in the baby 4-6 months after the glyph will fade

5. Your skin turns yellow
Sometimes although the newborn showed the general situation is very good, such as milk is strong, limbs activity is good, loud cry, but the skin is pale yellow, the white of the eyes is also slightly yellow, urine color is slightly yellow but do not dye diapers, this phenomenon is actually physiological jaundice, 7 ~ 9 days later began to resolve by itself.

Premature infant biological jaundice appeared late, usually 3 ~ 5 days after birth, reached its peak in 6 ~ 8 days, and then began to fade, and retreated around 2 ~ 3 weeks.

Nursing style:

One-month-old babies do not need special treatment, eat more breast milk and defecate more.
If 3 days after birth, but 10 days after still does not subside, or after physiologic jaundice subside, jaundice appears again, and during physiologic jaundice, jaundice is significantly aggravated, such as skin golden throughout the body (hands, feet and hearts are also dark yellow), should go to the hospital in time.

Premature infants should be closely observed, if necessary, go to the hospital for phototherapy and drug therapy.
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