How to choose adult diapers? Help out is here.
Oct 02, 2020
Did you see that?
Faced with urinary incontinence, parents often hide their faces and lie

At this point, it is even more necessary for children to be able to read their parents' lies.
And choose the best diapers to give back to their parents for raising them.

But with diapers, you know what?

1.Why use diapers?
  • Safe and reliable diapers, diapers or nursing pads can effectively prevent leakage, even walking, turning over will not produce side leakage, leakage. So that people with incontinence can move and rest like normal people.
  • Reduce the frequency of bed sheet replacement, reduce the washing cost and bed sheet depreciation rate; Suppress odors and improve the living environment.
  • Reduce the workload of nursing staff, improve labor efficiency, reduce labor costs.
  • Many elderly people with urinary incontinence may suffer from bedsores if poorly cared for. Complications bedsore is one of the most common clinical complications, the course of the disease is rapidly difficult to cure, after cure easy to relapse. The use of adult care products can reduce skin diseases, associated with lower medical and human care costs.

2. What are the USES of diapers?

Using diapers can reduce the total cost of care.

a-Adult diapers:

The shape of the waist patch is sheet, which is connected into a pair of shorts by adhesive sheets, which can adjust the waist size at the same time, so as to suit different users' fat and thin body shape.

Suitable for people: in bed and mobility inconvenience of moderate to severe incontinence.

b. Adult zip pants
Product features: Pull-up pants are underwear style and elastic waist design, suitable for patients who can walk down
Suitable for: moderate to severe incontinence with activity ability (can be used with small diapers)


Adult diapers and pull-up pants are put on and off in a different way. The diaper is a loose paste button, but when the pull-up pants need to be removed, they are ripped on both sides of the pants.

c. In addition to these, there are many auxiliary nursing products that can help better care for patients with urinary incontinence. Putting nursing pads on bed sheets can give patients "double insurance" and reduce various skin complications caused by incontinence.

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