Anti-dust Disposable Mask
Fujian BBC Inc latest addition to the production line.

Company Profile:

We have obtained a number of professional certificates including the FDA Certification of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the CE Certification of EU, the EAC Certification, the IS09001 Quality Management System Certification, the High-tech Enterprise Certification, the Medical Device Manufacturing License and the Medical Device Registration Certificate.

Adult Diaper Production Line:

We have tow types of latest addition production line. A semi-automatic, a full automatic of adult diaper production line.

Semi-automatic production line's main technical data:

Production Speed
150~180 pcs/min
Linear Speed
Highest Speed 150 m/min
Power Supply
3 Phases, 380V 50HZ
Installed Capacity
320~ 350KW
Gas Consumption
4000 Liter/minute
Qualification Rate


1) Compact design, easy operation and maintenance;

2) Module design, allows technical institutions to upgrade;

3) Low energy consumption and high efficiency;

4) Frequency driving;

5) Human Machine Interface (HMI);

6) Main raw material will automatic disconnect/connect material with zero speed;

7) Frequency unwinding, automatic tension control;

8) Automatic web guider device;

9) Automatic rejection;

10) Easy to change the sizes;

11) With CE certificate standard.

Full automatic production line's main technical data:

Design speed
300 pieces /min (M size)
Working speed

270 pieces /min (M size)

380V +5%、50HZ
Total weight
105 tons


1) Full Servo system;

2) Detection System;

3) Drive Control;

4) Feeding Control;

5) Operating touchable screen;

6) Heating system;

7) Safety unit;

8) Independent wire casing is set at the side of back transmission box, divided into strong and weak lines, neatly arrangement, with independent door.

9) Spray, scraping glue control system.

Under Pad Production Line:

Main shafts driving, auto center unwinding with constant tension , all shaft delivery material by servo controlling, auto control and auto splicing in production process without machine stop. Equipped with raw material auto web guiders system, touch screen operating terminal providing man-machine interaction, so as to a graphical control for real-time monitoring and alarming at producing. With inline vision quality system to check the surface defects and auto reject.

Main parameters:

Design speed( M size )

150 pcs/min
Stable speed 100 pcs/min

Product weight difference

± 5%
Power supply

380V ±5% 50HZ

Machine weight

about 80T, subject to final design


Operation interface(Installed in the middle of the machine, with Chinese and English language; Screen display the information of raw materials breaking, jointing and splicing, also fans and pumps breaking.; The parameters of rejecting position and quantity can be set on touch screen; Machine speed (pcs/min), each shift amounts, rejecting amounts and total output can be displayed on the touch screen.

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