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How to choose the baby diapers to ensure baby's comfort? Here's give to you answer.

How to choose? Here's give to you answer.

Now many parents and friends will buy diapers for their baby, because it is not only easy to use, but also do not have to worry about constantly washing diapers.

Although it is the infant's personal thing, but in its choice can not careless careless, if the choice is not appropriate will cause baby skin discomfort.

Next, I'd like to share with you how to choose a diaper.

How to choose diapers for baby?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a diaper:

1. Suitable size:
The choice of diaper size cannot be according to age, must choose according to weight, additionally the comfortable degree of waist and thigh root also wants careful observation.
· First, the tailoring should be scientific, and the baby will not come loose after wearing.
· Secondly, the side waist should be elastic enough.

2. Strong water absorption:
Want to see above all absorb much not much, lock fast.

Next want to see absorb fast not fast, scatter of even not even.

Water absorption and the thin thick diaper is not necessarily related, the diaper is the best light and light water absorption and good, parents can try different brands, to see whether there is a side leak or diaper with glop appeared.

3. Good air permeability:
The inner surface material of the diaper is directly in contact with the baby's skin, which directly affects the comfort of the baby. The mother must feel the samples more and decide after feeling them carefully.
Of course, mother's feelings are only one aspect, but more important is how the baby actually feels when using it.
To observe whether the baby has red butt is the most intuitive indicator of skin friendliness.

For those with delicate skin, when choosing diapers, we should pay more attention to check whether the inner surface feels comfortable and whether the diapers are light and breathable.And, of course, be careful not to change diapers too often.


1: Leak-proof side
As the baby grows every day, it is more active. If the design of the diaper is not reasonable, it is easy to leak urine during the activity.
The good ones should be able to safely isolate the urine from the soft stool to prevent leakage, which will make the little guy's PP more comfortable.

2. Ability to absorb
The baby will often urinate, so the diaper should have good water absorption ability, can absorb the urine in time, and will not permeate, keep the baby's small buttocks dry and cool, prevent the occurrence of diaper rash, will not affect his mood.
Especially at night, it can reduce the frequency of replacement, so that the baby can have a stable sleep.

3: soft
The diaper will stick closely to their skin, so the material used should be soft to care for the baby's delicate skin.

4: Size
Choose diapers that are the right size to meet your baby's needs at different times.
Generally, there are several models: first birth (under 5 kg), S (3 to 5 kg), M (5 to 10 kg), L (10 to 13 kg), XL for babies over 12 kg.
New mothers should choose the right clothes for their babies according to their size and age, so that they can dress comfortably and appropriately.

5: Urine wetness display
If the diaper has the indication of wetness, in the case of the baby has urine, the color change can be given according to the different humidity.
Such in the urine after wet, can remind the mother to change in time, in order to ensure that the small butts in the cool environment, to avoid a long time by urine stimulation.

6: Waist Circumference The diaper that the baby USES is not wet, had better be able to adjust the tightness, to suit their waist circumference, so that the dress will be more comfortable.

1. If your baby's skin is allergic, you can choose diapers with aloe and other skin-care ingredients to protect their skin from the irritation of urine.

2. In short, I hope you can carefully remember the above purchasing skills and methods, so that you can choose and buy a satisfactory product.

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